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Finding Missing Letters

We express our feelings and thoughts with words. So what is the word?

Sounds or groups of sounds that have a meaning on their own or that are used to form sentences even though they do not have a meaning on their own are called words.

The word is the smallest meaningful part of the language that provides communication between people. Communication is achieved by putting words together in a certain order.

As words can be meaningful on their own, they can gain new meanings depending on their use in a sentence, they can also contain relationships such as synonyms and antonyms.

We use words when expressing our feelings, thoughts and wishes verbally or in writing. Sentences are made up of words.


Tina is my best friend. 

Tina, is, my, best, friend are all words.

In order for written and oral expressions to be correct, clear and understandable, words must be written and spoken correctly. To learn the correct spelling of words; we should read a lot of books. 

The aim of the Missing Letters Quizzes is to test whether the student can complete the words by choosing the correct letter option, and can identify the word.

By looking at the pictures in the missing letters quizzes, children will both enjoy finding the missing letters and grasp the letters better. They will also develop fine motor skills by combining words with letters.

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