Prepositions of Place – Definitions – Where is the Owl

Prepositions of place indicate the position or location of something in relation to another object or place. Here are short definitions of commonly used prepositions of place:

1. In: Indicates being enclosed within a space or boundaries.
Example: The keys are in the bag.

2. On: Indicates that something is connected or resting upon a surface.
Example: The flower pot is on the table.

3. At: Indicates a specific point or location.
Example: Reem is waiting at the bus stop.

4. Under: Indicates being below or beneath something.
Example: The dog is sleeping under the bed.

5. Above: Indicates being higher or over something.
Example: The kites are flying above the trees.

6. Behind: Indicates the location at the back or rear of something.
Example: The car is parked behind the building.

7. Below: Indicates being lower or underneath something.
Example: The basement is below the house.

8. Near: Indicates being close or in proximity to something.
Example: The school is near the park.

9. Next to: Indicates being adjacent or beside something.
Example: The library is next to the school.

10. Between: Indicates the position of being in the middle of two objects or places.
Example: Laila is sitting between Mary and Joseph.

These prepositions are not only vital for understanding and describing physical positions but are also crucial for effective communication. Whether it’s giving directions, discussing the layout of a room, or describing the location of objects, these prepositions help convey information accurately. We have written the short definitions of prepositions of place as a quick reminder. 


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