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Why is it important to enrich vocabulary?

If you want to have good written language and speaking skills, you must first start by learning new words. Using new and synonymous words instead of using the same words all the time will not only help the other person understand you more clearly and accurately, but you can also make a good impression about your language skills. It’s time to learn new words if you’re experiencing a lot of stress about what you want to say. In addition, you can gain new words even when you are just playing games, you can learn as you have fun.

Sometimes learning a word can be boring and tiring, but think about it this way, with every new word you learn, you will always be able to draw a different word from the bingo bag. You will be able to easily choose the most appropriate word for the situation, and convey your thoughts better. Moreover, new words will enrich your speech and language of expression.

Read something new whenever you can.

There are many resources that you can read every day, such as a newspaper, internet news, articles, stories, and columns, where you can improve yourself culturally. Thanks to the articles you read, you will learn not only the meaning of the word, but also the place and context in which it is used, and you will learn to use the word correctly rather than the passive word itself, and it will be more memorable for you. Don’t forget to take notes to remember new words you’ve learned.

Learn the roots of words.

One of the best word-learning methods is to understand the meaning of the word by looking at its root. Most words in English have common roots, and learning common roots is an important part of learning English. When you learn a word root, you can easily deduce the meaning of words with the same root, even if you have not seen them before.

Repeat the words you have learned with exercises.

Making a new word a part of your vocabulary is possible after 10 or at most 20 repetitions. You must write the word in order to memorize it and fully grasp its usage. Anything written is more likely to be permanent.

Create a list of synonyms.

Learning synonyms and antonyms is one of the cornerstones of language progress. So what can you do instead of repeating the same word? Take a pen and paper, create a list of alternatives to the word you use, and try to remember and use these words next time. You will see that it works.

Play games to learn vocabulary.

Playing word games pushes you to learn more words by allowing you to enter into the competition. For example, you can have fun and learn by playing games such as crossword puzzles, scrabble, and taboo. The crossword puzzle will help you train your brain and reconsider what you know. In this way, you can reveal your vocabulary, which we call passive words that you know but do not use.

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