Uppercase & Lowercase Letters

Fun Ways to Teach Children Uppercase and Lowercase Letters

Children get the first information about colors, shapes, letters, and numbers from their parents. As parents, it is quite normal to want to teach our children some basic skills before school begins. The important thing is to act by respecting the developmental processes of children without putting pressure on them. It is necessary to accept that every child develops differently, and there is no single correct time frame for learning letters.

Find the Letter

Draw many circles on a piece of paper. Write different letters inside each circle. If you’re going to study the letter “C” with your child, make sure there are multiple “Cs” on the page and both upper and lower case letters. Then give your child this page and ask him/her to color the circles with the letter C in them.


Write the letters on a piece of paper large enough to fill the page. Then divide it right in the middle into four parts. By preparing a four-piece puzzle for each letter, you can have your child learn the letters while having fun.

Letters with Spaghetti

One of the fun ways to teach your kids letters is to bring letters together with food. Open a monochrome tray or food service in front of your child. Offer boiled spaghetti in a small bowl. As an example, first, create the letter S on the tray with spaghetti. After showing your child different letters, you can ask him to do the same.

Letters with Some Salt

A little salt and a tray are all it takes to teach your child letters. Pour a generous amount of salt on a high-sided tray. Then draw the letter A on the salt with your finger. Encourage your child to draw the same letter on the salt. Don’t forget to keep your eyes off your child during the game.

Paths from Letters

Write the letters you want to teach your child big on colored paper. Then draw thin stripes on this letter, just like on roads. Have your child ride these letter-shaped roads with small cars and motorbikes. At the same time, reinforce the learning by making the sound of the letter.

Cut Paste from Magazines

Divide the page into 5 equal parts by drawing 4 long lines across a large cardboard. Write both the lowercase and uppercase versions of a letter at the top of each section. For example, write A in the first column, B in the second, C in the third, D in the fourth, and E in the fifth. Then cut small and uppercase letters A, B, C, D, E from magazines, and newspapers. Help your child paste each letter under the correct column.

Flying Letters

What you need is paper with letters, a long solid rope and paper clips in this game that your children will have a lot of fun with. Thread the paper clips onto a long, sturdy string, then stretch the string between the two chairs from top to bottom. Have your child wait on the chair on the lower end of the rope. Now send each letter down by attaching it to the end of the paper clip on the upper part. Pronounce that letter with cheerful and funny sounds as the letter progresses downwards. Let your child catch the letter and he will look at the letter and pronounce it the same way.


You can find lots of printable alphabet worksheets published by educational websites. Just print them out and do them with your child. Examples of printable alphabet worksheets are on Academy Simple


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