Quantifiers – Some & Any

Quantifiers are words used before nouns to indicate quantity. These words are:

Only used with plural nouns:

Both, a couple of, dozens of, hundreds of, a number of, a great/many/good number of, a few /few, quite a few, a /the majority of, many, a minority of, several, fewer/ the fewest

Only used with uncountable nouns:

Much, a little /little, quite a little, less/the least, a small amount of, a great /large/waste quantity of, a bit of, a drop of, a large quantity of, a great/good deal of

Used with both plurals and uncountable nouns:

Some, any, no, all, hardly any, enough, half (of the), a lot (of), lots of, more, most, none (of the), the other, part of the, plenty of, the rest of the

Used with singular countable nouns:

all (of) the, another, any (of the), each, either, every, half (of) the, neither, no, none of the, the other, some of the, a /the whole (of the)

A lot of / Lots of

A lot (of), lots of (many), plenty of (many of) are often used in affirmative sentences with both uncountable and plural nouns.

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