Compare the Number of Fish

From infancy, children are introduced to mathematical concepts such as patterns, addition, and subtraction. With their observation skills, they try to find out what they are getting and ask their families many questions. Because numbers appear everywhere in our lives. We can teach them to children reaching preschool age.

Tips to Teach Numbers to Little Kids
  • Turn on songs that teach numbers like “5 little monkeys” or you can make up rhymes to teach numbers.
  • While eating, request your child to count by asking how many pieces of pasta are left on her/his plate.
  • Ask how many legos she/he has or how many balls are on the floor as she/he collects her/his toys.
  • Indicate numbers to your child with your fingers and ask her/him to draw something on the picture book. For example; show three fingers and ask her/him to draw three trees.
  • Ask your child to count cars, trees, boards, dogs, and more while you drive.
  • You can teach numbers in the best way by using an abacus or counting fingers and toes.

Our quizzes are a fun way for children to practice their knowledge of numbers.


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