4 Digit Place Value

The value that a digit adds to the number it is in is called the place value. In other words, starting from the right side to the left side, each digit gains a certain value.

In the example below you can see the analysis of the place value of a 4-digit number. 


Let’s find the place values of the digits in the number 7654.

7654 = 7000+600 + 50 + 4

Using this equation, we can find the place values.

The contribution of the 7 in the thousands place to this number is 7000. Without this number in the given number, its value would be 7,000 less than it is now. Therefore, the place value of 7 in the thousands place is 7000.

The place value of 6 in the hundreds place is 600.

The place value of 5 in the tens place is 50.

The place value of 4 in the units place is 4.

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