Perimeter of Polygons

Perimeter of Polygons

Let’s take our perimeter of polygons quiz and test your knowledge!

The sum of the lengths of all the sides of a shape or object is called the “perimeter” of that shape. We can use tools such as string, ribbon, or wire to determine the perimeter of objects.

Each side of the shape is measured only once when calculating the perimeter. No unmeasured side is left.

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Starting from one corner of the shape, we count the units between each two points in order. Thus, we find that the perimeter of the shape is 24 units. Likewise, you can calculate the length of your desk with a pencil and find the perimeter. 

Perimeter of Rectangle

When calculating the perimeter of a rectangle, we add its short and long sides and multiply the result by two.

Perimeter of Square

When calculating the perimeter of a square, we multiply one side by four.

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