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Nose as a Sense Organ

We have five different sense organs that perform many different tasks in our body.

The nose is a two-hole protruding breath-olfactory organ located on the face. It is opened to the outside with holes and connected to the pharynx from the inside. Turbinates and sinuses in the nasal cavity provide communication with the brain.

The interior is covered with capillaries and hairs. So, the nose cleans and warms the air taken during breathing and give it in.

The structure of the nose consists of cartilage tissues, nasal bone, some parts of the forehead, and cheekbone.

How can we sense the smell?

Fragrance particles emitted from any substance pass into the nostrils by breathing. They enter into the mucous liquid and dissolve there. Therefore, the olfactory receptors are stimulated and signals are sent to the brain with the olfactory nerves.

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