Divide a Number by Half


Divide 50 by 1/2 and add 15, what is the result?

The correct ANSWER is ⇒ not 40 of course! It is 115

Let’s see how:

Dividing a number in half means multiplying it by 2. Fractions come into play here, and so when dividing a number in half, the divisors change as the numerator and denominator, so they become the same thing.


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Steps of Division by Fractions

Leave the first fraction in the equation alone.
Convert the slash to the multiplication sign.
Reverse the numerator and denominator of the second fraction
Multiply the numerators of the two fractions (top numbers) together. This result will be the numerator (upper part) of the answer.
Multiply the denominators of two fractions (bottom numbers) together. This result will be the denominator of the answer.
Simplify the fraction to the lowest value.

The second point of view:

The problem asks you: “How many halves are in 50?” The answer is 100 because a unit (1) consists of two halves and there are 50 units in total: 2 halves/1 unit * 50 units = 100 halves. Then you add 15 and get the result. 

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