Phrasal Verbs with ‘BREAK’


Amy’s car ——— at the side of the highway.

A) broke up
B) broke down
C) broke into

The correct ANSWER is B) broke down.

As a phrasal verb break down means ⇒ fail, to cease function

Other Phrasal Verbs with ‘BREAK’

Break down ⇒ to cease to continue, to lose control of emotions, to become very bad, to separate into smaller parts.

Break up ⇒ to end a relationship.

Break into ⇒ to enter a building by force, to interrupt (a conversation).

Break off ⇒ to break a piece from something.

Break out of ⇒ to escape from somewhere.

Break forth ⇒ to come out suddenly.

Break open ⇒ to open with force.

Break through ⇒ to pass through a barrier, to enter forcibly.

Break away ⇒ to leave something, to free oneself from restraint.


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