Exponential Numbers – Basic Level

‘Exponential numbers’ is one of the fundamental subjects in mathematics. Writing the product of real numbers with positive numbers as a^n is expressed as exponential numbers. The number ‘a’ is indicated here as the base number while ‘n’ is the number of exponents. Expressing exponents as a^n means multiplying n numbers of a.


5= 5 x 5 x 5

Rules of Exponential Numbers

The first power of all real numbers is itself.

So a1 = a, 51 = 5

For every number except zero, a^0 is equal to 1.

50 = 1

The power of the negative one is shown as a−1 = 1/a

5-2 = 1/52 = 1/25

Power of power is calculated by multiplying the exponents.

(am)n = am.n,  (53)2= 53×2= 56

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