Complete the Pattern

Children who are taught to recognize patterns will develop the ability to see patterns on their own, observe how patterns evolve, and pick up on abnormalities.

Between children, there might be big differences in pattern recognition. Early patterning starts with one-to-one comparisons of objects, images, or numbers.

What benefits do pattern activities provide for the education of our kids?

The first contribution is the growth of language, and the second is the growth of math. Let’s begin by discussing language development. We truly have a pattern in the words we use when speaking. Let’s say subject-verb order in the simplest possible terms. When kids initially learn to read, they first learn to recognize the letters and how the letters go together to make words.

According to studies, kids who spend time in the pattern move to reading more quickly and comfortably. They will define the word-formation order and do the sorting because they are aware of the pattern order.

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