Basic Electric Circuits #2

Electrical Devices and Basic Electric Circuits

Electricity has become an indispensable part of our lives and makes it easy for us to do many of our jobs. When the power goes out, we will be in a difficult situation. Because most of the items we use work with electricity.

The places where electric devices are used differ. However, their common future is electric circuits found in all of them.

Basic Electrical Circuit Elements

Simple electrical circuits have four major elements. If we want to make a basic electric circuit we will need the elements below:

Bulb (Load)

A lightbulb is one of the basic electrical circuit elements. The bulb is the element from which we receive light. Other electrical circuit elements serve to deliver energy to the bulb and it converts electrical energy into light energy. In this way, the environment is illuminated and it becomes possible for us to see around.

Battery (Power Source)

Batteries create the energy of simple electrical circuits. The energy to go to the bulb comes from the battery. We can think of batteries as energy stores that can run out over time. Therefore, less energy is taken from a battery that has been used for a long time.

Wires (Conductive Path)

Electrical wires are the elements that transmit electrical energy. The energy from the battery goes to the light bulb by passing through the electrical wires. The outside of the electrical wires is covered with an insulating material. Therefore, when we touch the electrical wire while the current is flowing through it, we are not affected by the energy flowing inside.


The switch allows us to control the electric current. The electrical current in the cable passes over the switch. When the switch is closed, the system is completed and the path of the electric current to the bulb is opened. When the switch is open, the path is cut off and the electric current is prevented from going to the bulb. In this case, the bulb does not light. Thanks to the switch, we can turn the light bulb on and off whenever we want.

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