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What is an antonym? 

Words that meet opposite concepts and contain contradictory meanings are called “antonyms”.


  • Beautiful → Ugly
  • Thin → Thick
  • Cry → Laugh
  • Long → Short
Important Points about Antonyms

Not every word has antonyms. In particular, words that express quality and quantity, namely adjectives and adverbs, have antonyms.


  • The words ‘book, yellow, table, wall’ do not have antonyms.

The positive-negative forms of the verbs do not create opposition. They report whether the same action has taken place. It has to be a different word to create an antonym. In short, the negative of a word is not its opposite.


  • Coming (positive) – not coming (negative) ≠ No antonyms.
  • Coming – going = There is an antonym relationship.

The antonym of a word changes according to its use in the sentence.


  • I have short hair. → long hair
  • I am shorter than my friends. → taller

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