How to Express Preferance


Fill in the blank.

Amy prefers drinking chocolate chip frappe ——– hot coffee.

A) to

B) like

C) than

D) then

The correct ANSWER is ⇒ A) to

Expressing Preferences


The phrase “prefer” can be used in three different ways to express what you prefer in life in general:

1) Prefer something + to + something else

– I prefer football to basketball.

2) Prefer + to do something + rather than + do something else

– I prefer to go out rather than stay at home.

3) Prefer + doing something + to + doing something else 

– I prefer cooking to washing the dishes.

There is no difference in meaning between the three usages shown above.


The phrase “would prefer” is used to express what we prefer in a particular situation, not our general preferences.


– Would you prefer coffee or tea? 

– I’d prefer to go to the concert rather than watch the movie tonight. 


There is no difference in meaning between the phrases “would rather” and “would prefer”. There is only the following difference structurally in usage.

– would rather do

– would prefer to do

The verb “would rather” comes directly after the verb and does not take a suffix.

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